Applications Invited for The Green Hub Fellowships in the Northeast — 5th March 2015 (last date)

A North East Network -– Dusty Foot Initiative


Every year 20 young people from across the 8 states of India’s North East Region (NER) will be selected for a unique Fellowship -– to learn video documentation specially focused on wildlife, environment and people’s biodiversity.

We invite you to apply, or recommend young people for the Fellowship. To download details and application form, please click here.

Last Date of Submission: 5th March, 2015
Please send your applications to:
For any queries email:

The Green Hub Project – Vision:

To engage, and empower local youth and the community to conserve biodiversity in the NER innovatively, using the visual medium to renew and deepen the respect and understanding of nature and its resources. The project also aims to strengthen youth engagement with conservation of natural resources, enabling young Green Hub Fellows to not only become more sensitized keepers of traditional knowledge systems, but also articulate spokespersons for biodiversity and the environment in the future. The overall vision is also to reach out to the community, and connect young individuals, with other individuals, organizations and groups working with conservation to form a web of learning, sharing, action and opportunity.

There are many individuals and groups working in different parts of the Northeast to focus on biodiversity conservation issues and create change. However, with many parts of the region still being remote, young people often feel deprived of opportunity and recognition. There is a need to strengthen the efforts towards providing progressive and sustainable alternatives, to create livelihoods through the protection of resources rather than its destruction. It is essential to generate more projects based on this ideology and create a wider web of action to give local youth and children more direction – opening newer paths that lead away from despair and violence.

The Green Hub initiative seeks to strengthen and help further catalyze this change. At one level it will create a platform for young people in the Northeast to have new windows of learning and livelihood, and at the other level it will create a wider network for positive action in the region. The Green Hub will be a KNOWLEDGE CENTRE for the region, and beyond.

For more information on North East Network and Dusty Foot Productions: and

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