Q: Dear sir, I belong to Odisha from Mayurbhanj district and as you know there is a national park and Tiger conservation name ‘Simlipal’ in my district. I want to know what are the basic things to protect the habitats of wild lives. https://www.facebook.com/Similipal

Asked by Satyesh Mishra

Answer from Shekar Dattatri, Conservation India:

Thanks for writing to CI with your question. Local persons like you can play a positive role in the conservation of protected areas. If you can find a few other like minded persons, you can form a group to meet regularly and discuss the natural history and conservation challenges of Simlipal. This group can play a role in supporting the Forest Department in protecting the Tiger Reserve. The group can also act as a watchdog to ensure that no destructive activities or schemes that will affect the ecology of the reserve are undertaken. The group can seek advice from experienced conservation organisations and conservationists in Odisha. The most important thing is that group members must try to educate themselves on all aspects of the Tiger Reserve. All interventions should be based on rational and logical grounds rather than purely emotional reactions.

A little research will help you discover which conservation organisations or individuals in Odisha are doing credible work and who you can approach for advice or assistance. There are many useful articles in the ‘Toolkit’ section of this portal, which can act as a good beginning in your quest for conservation knowledge.

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