A Satyr Tragopan From Neora Valley, North Bengal

Arka Sarkar
Four out of the five species of tragopans are found in India.

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Four out of the five species of tragopans are found in India. All tragopans are under great threat from hunting pressures and the fragmentation of their habitats.

The male Satyr Tragopan (Tragopan satyra) is easily one of the most beautiful birds in India and also one of the rarest. The Satyr Tragopan is found in the Eastern Himalayas, besides Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. It is best seen in Neora Valley National Park in North Bengal. Male Satyr’s are 68cm and are a bright crimson red with white spots. Females are smaller and less conspicuous.

Tragopans are often called “horned pheasants” because they display horn-like projections during courtship. Like other tragopans, the Satyr is faced with habitat destruction and hunting pressure and is now considered to be near-threatened.

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  1. Golden  Heart

    wow. what a beautiful bird. thanks CI

  2. Anand  Pereira

    Great relief to see the bird.