Workshop on Simple Methods of Crop Guarding from Elephants — Kali Tiger Reserve, Aug 1-13, 2016

  • From:
    August 1, 2016
  • To:
    August 13, 2016
  • Location:
    Kulgi Nature Camp,
    Kali Tiger Reserve, Anshi - Ulavi Rd, Karnataka 581186
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Since 2010 Wildlife Research and Conservation Society is implementing “Community-based Conflict Management (CBCM)” model in North Kanara district in Karnataka wherein farmers are trained in using simple and low-cost methods to protect their crops from elephants.

Many farmers from the project area have adopted these methods and are able to successfully keep the elephants out of their crop fields. Although effective, the CBCM model is still in its infancy in India. In 2015 WRCS arranged a number of workshops for training field staff and researchers in implementation of CBCM model, at Kulgi Nature Camp in Kali Tiger Reserve. These workshops were attended by 120 participants from various states such as Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Nepal, Nagaland and Odisha.

Considering the response from the participants and the need to popularize the CBCM model, we are organizing another series of workshops this year between 1st to 13th August at Kulgi Nature Camp in Kali Tiger Reserve, North Kanara District, Karnataka. The workshops will be useful for Farmers, Community members, Forest Department Field Staff, Field Researchers, NGOs, Journalists and students across the country dealing with Human-elephant conflict issues.

Tuskers raiding paddy in Yellapur division, North Kanara [image © Prachi Mehta]

Tuskers raiding paddy in Yellapur division, North Kanara

Training Module

Day 1:

  • Please reach Kulgi Nature Camp before 12 noon.
  • First Session will start at 3 pm sharp.
  • Sharing information on current status of elephant conflict with the participants in their state.

Day 2:

  • Demonstration of various methods of crop protection
  • Hands on field training of the participants in CBCM techniques

Day 3:

  • Feedback and interactions with the participants
  • End of program and Departure by 2 pm

A certificate will be provided to each participant on successful completion of the workshop.

Click here for more details about the workshop.

We request you to contact the coordinators at the earliest if you are interested in participating in the workshop. We also request you to circulate this email to suitable individuals and groups who may benefit from the workshop.

Thank you,

Prachi Mehta ( and Peeyush Sekshsaria ( Workshop Coordinators

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