Powerlines in GIB habitat should go underground. 

The critically endangered Great Indian Bustard has disappeared from over 90% of its former range due to habitat loss, hunting, disturbance and lack of protection in many ‘lekking’ and nesting sites (see 2013 CI campaign). Now, overhead power transmission lines that crisscross its habitat are sounding the death knell of this low-flying, ground-dwelling species (see attached map). According to a study by the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), as many as 10 GIBs have lost their lives in collisions with power lines in the last decade alone (2007-2017). There is a solution — replace overhead power lines with underground cables. There is no time to lose! So, let’s urge the Minister of State (IC) for Power and New and Renewable Energy to act immediately. Please read and sign the letter below addressed to the minister.

This Great Indian Bustard Campaign is a collaboration between Sanctuary Nature Foundation, The Corbett Foundation and Conservation India and will be officially launched at the Sanctuary Wildlife Awards, on December 7, 2018, in Mumbai, and will make an earnest appeal to an audience of concerned citizens and conservationists across the country.

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